LARAMIE – With the Wyoming Spring monsoon season finally drying out a bit, city and state work crews are hitting the streets. That means construction zones, possible delays, and detours. But it’s all worth it in the end.

Public Works crews cool off the hot blacktop, preparing the surface for traffic on south 15th St. ( photos/Tom Kocal)

Warmer temperatures and a break from the rain allowed the City of Laramie Public Works crew to completely remove the gravel that was once solid pavement, and fill the two sections with new blacktop. It’s smooth sailing now.

WYDOT started its Grand Ave. repaving project on Monday of this week. From 3rd Street to 15th Street, the project will include repaving, curbs, and gutters will be repaired, some trees will be removed, traffic signals will be replaced at 4th, 9th, 13th, and 15th street, and all sidewalk intersections will be made ADA compliant.

Repairs to signals and curb work are the first things on the agenda, with paving beginning in July and continuing through the end of August.

Drivers are asked to be cautious around lane closures, delays, and intersection detours during the repairs.

Following up with the May 30 report about the water main break at the corner of North 19th and Hancock Streets in Laramie, the hole in the street was filled Tuesday.

City of Laramie Utility Superintendent Paul Beckett told that the water main break was promptly fixed, but the ground was saturated, and with the heavy rain and snowmelt, the maintenance crew couldn’t compact the fill, so they had to wait for it to dry out more before it could be backfilled and the street repaired.