Laramie has been selected as one of 35 communities across 18 states to participate in the Neighborly Community Broadband Accelerator program.

Neighborly, a non-profit group, aims to connect communities with capital for public projects like schools, libraries, and community broadband networks.

Johnathan Rhoades, I.T. Division Manager for the City of Laramie, said the city had to put together an application that included Laramie's desires and goals to be accepted into the program. He said Laramie's biggest goals are to increase internet speeds and draw in better providers to the area. Rhoades explained Neighborly can help Laramie achieve these goals by offering access to industry experts, help plan policies to get equipment for upgrades like more fiber optic cable, and offer funding models.

According to, Laramie's average internet download speed is 11 Mbps, while the 2017 national average was 18.7 Mbps. has Wyoming ranked 41st in the nation for average download speed.

Rhoades said the first contact with Neighborly will be around December 10th. There is no time frame on any actual changes to services or policies.


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