Police are searching for the owner of a dog that allegedly bit a jogger on Sunday.

According to a press release from the Laramie Police Department, a man was running in an open area near the intersection of McCullom St and Wister Dr in Laramie, when the man claims he was bitten by dog on the leg.

The dog is being described as a black and white border collie-type.  Police say that the dog was one of six dogs that was being run in the area by an owner.  The owner was driving a red SUV at the time of the bite.

The Animal Control Unit reminds citizens that animal bites could involve exposure to rabies.  Further, all animal bites must be reported to the Animal Control Unit immediately.  Victims are encouraged to identify the specific animal and get information from the owner. Getting a picture of the animal is also encouraged.

Anyone with information of the border collie-type dog or the owner in the red SUV is asked to call the Animal Control Unit at 307-721-5385 or the non-emergency dispatch line at 307-721-2526.