It's not yet clear whether the Laramie woman suspected of stabbing another woman early Sunday morning was motivated by racial bias, according to the Laramie Police Department.

The department says in a Monday evening press release that while the investigation involves subjects of different racial groups, investigators have not determined whether the incident fits the definition of a bias-related crime.

"Once the investigation is completed, a multi-tiered review of the reports will be made by Laramie Police Department personnel," the release reads. "If a determination is made that it was racially motivated, the Laramie Police Department will report the crime to the Uniform Crime Report as a bias related crime."

The department notes in the release that Wyoming does not enhance penalties for those convicted of crimes motivated by bias.

The City of Laramie's bias crime ordinance requires the collection of bias crime data including criteria necessary to establish evidence of prejudice. The ordinance includes no provisions for enhanced sentencing.

Sydney P. King, 21, of Laramie, is due to appear in Albany County Circuit Court no later than Wednesday. She was arrested early Sunday as a result of the police investigation into the incident.

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