The Laramie Police Department is reminding drivers in Laramie that, now with school kicking back into gear, use of crosswalks by children and UW students will increase.

A statement released by the Laramie P.D. is hoping to bring to light that children are once again walking to and from schools in the morning and in the afternoon and that it's not uncommon for young children enter intersections quickly with traffic approaching.

The Laramie P.D. recognizes that most drivers are familiar with marked school zone crosswalks but it is also the responsibility of drivers to yield to pedestrians at unmarked crosswalks as well. Officials are reminding that pedestrians have the right of way over vehicle traffic once they start to cross at an intersection regardless of lines or markings to delineate the intersection.

"Together we can make this year safe for all of us," says the official police statement.  "If you have any questions on traffic or any ordinances, or to report a crime, please call the Laramie Police Department non-emergency number, 721-2526, or if it’s an emergency, dial 911."

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