The City of Laramie and Albany County are collaborating again. The joint offices recently approved the Casper Aquifer Protection Plan, and now the City Council has approved the collaboration for the Laramie Growth Area Plan. 

The Plan was designed to create a joint management plan for the unincorporated area surrounding the City of Laramie. The effort “will result in policies and a land use plan that will allow us to respond to development pressures in a more proactive manner,” the City Planning Commission stated in their informational release. 

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The City and County said they are seeing an increase in pressure to expand development in the rural-urban interface. Both entities agree that growth is necessary, and want to create beneficial, sound policies and standards for future development. The joint entities want to address challenges in development, access to infrastructure and services, and market demand impacts on land use. 

There are four phases to the development plan; it is currently in phase three, where work sessions between the city and county will begin drafting the inter-governmental agreement. Phase one was kickoff and initial public interviews and phase two included many pop-up public events.

The City and County’s first work session for the plan will be Sept. 13, and public comment is still being accepted. For more information, visit the City of Laramie’s website for the Laramie Area Growth Plan.

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