The 4th Annual Battle of Old Wyoming is taking over the Virginian Hotel in Medicine Bow Saturday August 4th.

Although the event is called "The Battle of Old Wyoming" for one to think of it as a battle of the bands isn't entirely accurate.  Event organizer and participant, Morgan Arcane, says that that the event is a contest entirely false. "There's no competition involved whatsoever.  It's done out of love and it's done out of camaraderie."

Arcane says that more accurately, The Battle of Old Wyoming is a chance for Wyoming musicians to network.  "This is a twelve hour festival, that goes from high-noon to midnight.  It's where everybody gets equal time to show off their musical talents, meet new bands, hear new music, make friends, network, and get contacts in other towns.  It's like a music expo for the Wyoming underground music scene."

The Battle of Old Wyoming, historically, has comprised of bands from both Laramie and Casper.  Event co-founder Thomas French said that he had the idea when driving through Medicine Bow, and stopped at the Virginian Hotel for lunch.  French decided that Medicine Bow would represent a good place for musical talents in Laramie and Casper to "meet in the middle," so to speak.

Arcane says, however, that the event's scope is expanding.  Bands from other cities, like Rock Springs, have taken note and made their way to the line-up.

As for attendance, Arcane says getting a head count can be a little difficult due to the fluid nature of The Battle of Old Wyoming espouses.  "It's hard to say.  There's no cover-charge and people come and go constantly.  I think a very conservative estimate, last year, would be about 250 people."

The Battle of Old Wyoming is being held at The Virginian Hotel, in Medicine Bow Wyoming.  Festivities begin at noon and go until midnight on Saturday August 4th.  The event is free and open to the public.

A list of the bands from Casper, Laramie, and Rock Springs that will be playing:

Peculiar Patriots

Speed the Pilgrim

Sylvia's Oven

Wake Megan


Sons of Mars

Uncool Like You


Juice Falcon

The Dave Mango Experience

Six Gun Dead

Shotgun Shogun

Hesh Plus

Las Scorpianos


Becky and the Noise

Unpaid Butlers




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