Wyoming Republican gubernatorial candidate Taylor Haynes will be staying in the race despite accusations he lives in Colorado.

Laramie County District Court Judge Thomas Campbell on Friday denied the state's request asking the court to suspend Haynes' campaign and remove him from the Aug. 21 primary ballot.

The state asserts that the ranch Haynes lives on is in Colorado, and has also asked Campbell to determine whether Haynes is an eligible candidate for governor.

"It is impractical and unfair to the defendant to bypass the Wyoming Rules of Civil Procedure entirely and compress the litigation process into less than a three week period," said Campbell, who declined to make a ruling at this time and cancelled a trial scheduled for Aug. 7-8.

"I'm still hopeful that that the questions before the court will be heard in a timely manner," said Secretary of State Ed Buchanan. "I am surprised that Dr. Haynes unequivocally would not agree to an expedited hearing as a way to guarantee the swift resolution of this matter before the primary election."

"The constitutional requirement of five years of continuous residency is very clear and my office and I will continue to seek that same clarity in how the law is applied," Buchanan added.

Haynes took to Facebook following the ruling saying, "Thank you to all of my supporters who never doubted our integrity. Now we must redouble our efforts to continue the momentum that this campaign has enjoyed."

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