Albany County Clerk Jackie Gonzalez sent current gubernatorial candidate Taylor Haynes a letter in 2015 declaring him ineligible to vote in Wyoming elections because he was a Colorado resident.

The letter sent to Haynes can be seen below. Gonzalez on Tuesday evening verified the authenticity of the letter.

Meanwhile, the Haynes campaign has released a statement an Secretary of  State Ed Buchanon's request that a court decides whether Haynes  meets the eligibility requirements to run for Governor of Wyoming:

"By now you’ve heard that this controversy about my residency will go to a hearing to determine the outcome – which is a good place for it. This all began with anonymous attack from a Swiss-based encrypted email system, ProtonMail, which is also used by hackers and the dark web to avoid discovery. While the goal of those behind this is for me to leave the race right away, we are going to continue to campaign and continue our message statewide until we have the opportunity to present all the facts. There’s a lot of time remaining until August 21 when the election is decided and we expect the hearing to be very soon. Thank you for your continued support!"


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