Wyoming Republican gubernatorial candidate Taylor Haynes says he is a Wyoming resident and his attorney will prove it in court.

Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Buchanan recently asked for a court hearing on whether Haynes has been a Wyoming resident for the past five years, as is required by state law of anyone running for governor. At last report, that hearing, before Laramie County District Court Judge Thomas Campbell, had not yet been scheduled.

Haynes called KGAB AM in Cheyenne Tuesday morning to respond to the residency issue. He said that while he can't delve into all of the specifics until the issue is heard in court, he is, in fact, a resident of Wyoming and has been for many years.

Haynes said he owns property in several states, including Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and Louisiana. He said he may sleep in any of those states on a given night.

But he says he has a Wyoming driver's license and his vehicles have Wyoming license plates. "I am a Wyoming resident and it will all come out in court," Haynes said. He said voters "are going to learn things about me, and perhaps about other people, as we roll this out in court." He said the residency questions are a case of "well-timed dirty politcal tricks,'' and asked people who have reservations about the issue to not vote until his case is heard in court.

He said he expects the issue to be resolved well before the August 21 primary election.

Haynes is one of six Republicans vying for the party nomination to replace outgoing GOP governor Matt Mead

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