A possible joint task force on parking around the University of Wyoming will be discussed in the City Council goal setting session next month, Laramie City Councilor Andi Summerville said.

Summerville said she first brought up the idea of a task force during the Dec. 7 listening session hosted by UW, as an aspect of her larger plan for UW community engagement.

“A task force per se has not been set up or approved, it is just a conversation starter,” Summerville said.

Summerville said parking has been a hot-button issue with the City Council for about 18 months and the council has not as of yet been able to agree on a solution that will address everyone who lives in Laramie. Bringing the university to the table, she said, could help find an answer to the problem.

“In order to find a workable solution, we need to have UW at the table. The city and the university need to jointly identify and jointly participate in administering solutions,” Summerville said.

Before a task force could be appointed and approved, Summerville said direction from the university and City Council would be needed.

“We would need official direction in order to move forward. We would need a resolution from City Council and direction from the president’s office,” Summerville said.

Summerville said City Council will discuss the idea further at their goal setting session next month.

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