Everyone looks at their birthday differently.

Some get excited, some get depressed, and some look at it as just another day on the calendar.

There's a good chance that the month you celebrate your birthday plays a significant role in how you look at your special day.

According to research, January babies are some of those people that feel like they get screwed. Even though it's the first month of the year, the last month takes the thrill away.

Looking at the breakdown, you can thank December for your birthday misery. The money spent on holidays is tough on bank accounts.

Although money isn’t the sole determinant, with the sentiment behind a gift holding more significance than its monetary value, it’s noteworthy that individuals born in January not only receive fewer presents than those born in other months but also tend to receive gifts of lesser value.


According to a study out of the UK, January-born individuals may receive £1,120.11 (approximately $1460) less over the course of their lifetime.


My birthday is December 13th. I can relate to having a birthday too close to the holidays. Growing up, my parents always kept the two separate. I always had birthday cake, ice cream, birthday presents, and a party. I rarely got the "Here's your birthday and Christmas present, enjoy."

I have two nephews who have birthdays within the first ten days of January. So, I've always taken the same thought process for them. Give them their Christmas and birthday gifts separately.

How do you approach your birthday if you're a December or January baby? How do you make your January birthday memorable?

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