The City of Laramie loves that residents recycle, but needs to clarify a few things about what can actually go in those blue-lidded recycle bins. The city appreciates recycling, as “Recycling saves resources, creates jobs, reduces mining for raw materials, saves energy for new material production, and reduces a community's footprint.”

But placing wrong or dirty items in the bin can do more harm than good, so please check items first, rinse them, and sort them at home. Just because it has the recycling arrows doesn’t mean it can be recycled, and the city won't sort it for you.

Like most cities, Laramie lacks the staff to sort through everyone's trash. One bad item can ruin the whole batch.

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Only plastics #1 and #2: but certain kinds. Generally, bottles, jugs, or jars with screw-top lids are accepted. What’s not are plastic trays or clamshell-type containers.

Rinse containers so no food or residue is left in them because leftovers can spoil a batch of recycling. Labels do NOT have to be removed. 

Cardboard (large pieces cut down to 2’x2’), cereal and food boxes, as well as soda cans, food cans, books, newspapers, paper (NOT shredded), junk mail, and foil are all accepted. 

Plastic bags and styrofoam are not accepted. Greasy pizza boxes are another no. 

Bring reusable bags to do shopping, or drop plastic bags off at Safeway, Walmart, or the City of Laramie’s Parks Department so they can be used for dog waste. 

The City does charge a small fee for recycling.

“We are transparent about this cost here in Laramie. Residents will see that small ‘ng’ right there on your bill. Laramie's recycling (and most of central and southern Wyoming) has to be sent to Denver for processing, which increases the cost of recycling," said JR Slingerland, City of Laramie Solid Waste Manager.

To see the list of accepted and unaccepted items, and to search for an item if you have questions, visit the City of Laramie’s recycling and diversion page here

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