No injuries were reported from a house fire in Laramie on Wednesday night after a neighbor entered the home and removed an occupant as well as a dog to safety, according to a City of Laramie news release.

According to the release, firefighters from the Laramie Fire Department and Albany County Fire District#1 as well as members of the Albany County Sheriff's Office were called out to a structure fire at 2527 Mountain Valley Drive at a little after 7 p.m. when they got there they found a single story home with a heavy fire actively burning through the roof of the home.

An off-duty Laramie firefighter was first on the scene and had completed a 360 view of the inferno as Laramie Fire Department engine #7 was arriving and he gave a briefing to the officer in charge. More help in fighting the fire was asked for and arrived to help fight the blaze at about 7:19.

The effort was led by Laramie Shift Commander Kevin Lam and Veadawoo Fire Cheif Matt Isborn.

The fire was made harder to fight by sustained winds of 30 mph. Firefighters also had to cope with flying embers from the blaze posing a threat to surrounding homes, but firefighters were able to contain the fire by about 8:30 p.m. Incident command of the fire was turned over to Albany County District fire responders by 11 p.m. They stayed on the scene through the night to control hot spots and watch for flare-ups to other properties.

The fire had been reported by neighbors, and one neighbor had gone into the home to rescue an occupant and a dog.

The other person who lived there arrived later in the incident.

According to the release,

''20 Fire and Support units from City and County responded to the incident including personnel and apparatus from the City of Laramie Fire Department, City of Laramie Public Works, Albany County Fire District #1, specifically Albany County Central VFD, Vedawoo VFD, Big Laramie VFD, Centennial VFD, the Albany County Sheriff’s Office, and auxiliary from Vedawoo VFD providing rehab for the responders. ACFD 1 provided in addition to suppression units, 4 water tenders to shuttle water to the fire as no pressurized hydrants exist in the immediate neighborhood. One City of Laramie tender also was involved in water delivery for a total of 5 water tender units.''

Investigators believe the fire started in the attic, and although it remains under investigation, it's believed to have been accidental.

The release applauds the "truly heroic'' acts of neighbors on the scene of the fire.

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