Laramie Fire Department and Laramie Police Department joined forces last night for a triple rescue. Dark, murky water, no escape route, and little chance of survival…the three ducklings were saved just in time. 

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Firefighters Chase Bridgmon, Dan Young, Booker Kramschuster, Drew Templeman, and civilian paramedic Laura Levin assisted with the duckling rescue on the corner of 14th & Harney last night around 7 p.m. 

The PD was notified of the situation first; they called the FD to assist, “probably because we’re a lot stronger than them,” Bridgmon laughed. “No, I’m kidding. Those sewer grates weigh about 100 pounds each, and we had to remove three of them. It took 2-3 people to pull them off, and there was only one officer there.”

Mamma Duck “was in chaos the whole time,” Bridgmon said. “We had to coax them [the ducklings]; they were in the tubes under the street. They were cute little guys.”

After three ducklings were rescued, “We didn’t hear any more or see any more of mamma,” so it was safe to assume all babies were retrieved and reunited. 

“It was pretty cute, actually.  As much as we were laughing about it.” 

The rescue operation took about an hour. There were a few bystanders, but Bridgmon said they didn’t provide any applause for the rescue, so the next time you see these heroes, please bestow a multitude of congratulations on them for their life-saving accomplishments. See photos of their adorably epic mission below:

Operation Ducklings

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