Wyoming has a lot of uncharted territory to explore, but if you're unfamiliar with an area, it can be pretty intimidating to head out into the middle of nowhere. The Biodiversity Conservation Alliance is offering some free guided tours of the Red Desert in May and June as a way to show off some of the wildest country Wyoming has to offer.

The Red Desert, located in south-central Wyoming, features a sagebrush habitat which hosts many sensitive species. It is home to a desert elk herd, wild horses and roughly 50,000 pronghorn antelope. The Biodiversity Conservation Alliance lists key conservation lands for wildlife and wilderness include the Jack Morrow Hills, Adobe Town, Atlantic Rim, Powder Rim, Kinney Rim, Wild Cow Creek, and the Ferris Dunes.

Space is limited on the tours, so you'll want to get in touch with Jennifer at the Biodiversity Conservation Alliance to sign up for a reservation. You can contact her by stopping by their office at 412 South 2nd Street, calling (307)742-7978 or sending an email to jennifer@voiceforthewild.org.

The information for each of the 2012 outings is listed below and is followed by a video about the Red Desert. Be sure to check out other quick trips in the area as well be clicking here.

May 26-May 28-Red Desert Caravan
We will be taking a three-day auto tour to visit units of a potential Red Desert National Conservation Area. This three-day auto safari will take in Adobe Town, the Kinney Rim and Jack Morrow highlights such as the Boar’s Tusk, Killpecker Dune Fields and Honeycomb Buttes. Auto tour with car camping and light day hikes.

May 26-May 28-Ferris Mountains and Dunes
A three-day 4-wheel drive tour with day hikes among the Ferris Dunes, with forays to Whiskey Gap and the forested flanks of the Ferris Mountains, a BLM Wilderness Study Area. Bring your camera or camcorder to capture landscapes, wildlife, and special moments from this unique wild and scenic outing.

NEW! June 2-June 3 Thunder Basin Prairie Dog Tour
This first of its kind BCA outing in the Thunder Basin National Grasslands will offer an up-close look at our successful efforts to save black-tailed prairie dogs from poisoning as we help prepare the way for long-awaited black-footed ferret reintroduction. This two-day outing will involve car camping, several short day and night hikes and great opportunities to explore and photograph the unique landscapes and wildlife of these vast grasslands. Wildlife one can expect to see include black-tailed prairie dogs, pronghorn, deer, ferruginous and other hawks, golden eagles, badgers, coyotes, red foxes, Woodhouse’s toads and more. Less common wildlife one can hope to see include burrowing owls, mountain plovers, swift foxes and more.

June 9 - June 10 Powder Rim Tour
A two-day 4-wheel drive tour of the Powder Rim, home to ancient juniper woodlands that border vast expanses of badlands, a desert elk herd, and the haunts of outlaws from the Powder Wash Gang. You will view some of the largest uninterrupted panoramas on earth. Enjoy bird watching for unique juniper obligate songbirds and wild horse viewing with light day hikes and car camping.

June 16-Adobe Town
A one-day tour of Adobe Town, the crown jewel of Wyoming’s desert wilderness. Light to moderate day hikes along the lofty Skull Creek Rim and among the pinnacles of the Adobe Town Rim, with likelihood to spot wild horses and other wildlife.

June 30-July 1 - Jack Morrow Hills Tour
A two-day auto tour featuring visits to the White Mountain Petroglyphs, Boar’s Tusk, Killpecker Dune Fields, and colorful badlands of the Honeycomb Buttes, with overnight camping. The Rock Springs Field Office is revising its land-use plan, and protection for these areas will be on the table.

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