The annual Green Waste Program is almost underway!

Green waste bins will be placed at their usual stations starting on Monday, April 24th. There is not timeline yet for the end of the program this year. "Containers are left in place as long as the weather holds. When that date is determined, notice will be provided to the public," said Assistant City Manager David Derragon .

Although Laramie residents are eager for the program to start, locations used in the program are also used as locations for dumpsters and waste trucks on Community Cleanup Day. According to the city's website, putting the green waste bins out before then "results in unsafe congestion at the green waste sites and overflowing trash mixed in the green waste containers."

The Green Waste Program is only available to Albany County residents and is not meant for professional use. Businesses are encouraged to use the Laramie Landfill, which offers free green waste disposal year round, to dispose their waste.

Questions or concerns about the Green Waste Program can be directed to the Solid Waste Division by calling 307-721-5279.

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