Community service and volunteering are part of what makes Laramie a great town to live. There are numerous organizations in town to meet almost any need a person can have. 

The University of Wyoming fills yet another niche need every year: physical labor. 

This year Saturday, Oct. 14 will be the 10th happening of The Big Event, where students from UW volunteer to help community members with a variety of house and yard work tasks. Raking, painting, wood stacking, washing windows–residents can submit any task for consideration. 

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The student volunteer day is sponsored by UW’s Service, Leadership, and Community Engagement (SLCE) office. The Big Event is one way the university hopes to promote campus and community unity through service. Volunteering is a means for students to say thank you to the community for their support. 

Community members who have a project in mind for The Big Event need to submit a job request form, found on the SLCE’s website here, or by calling the SLCE office at (307) 766-3117. 

Job requests can be submitted until Sunday, Sept. 24, or when job request capacity is reached. An SLCE member will contact those who submit job requests so a site check can be completed before requests are accepted. 

Texas A&M University began The Big Event in 1982, and now over 100 schools across the nation participate. The A&M event site says, Although The Big Event has become the largest one-day, student-run service project in the nation, our message and our mission remains the same – to simply say ‘Thank You.’”

UW’s first The Big Event was in the fall of 2013. This year, more than 300 student volunteers are expected to participate. 

For more information about The Big Event, visit or email

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