Jacob Scott Anderson was arrested after allegedly confronting a Wells Fargo Bank employee with a gun in the parking lot in Laramie on Tuesday morning according to the Laramie Police Department. The LPD says they arrested the would-be bank robber thanks to the quick action taken by the bank employee and witnesses who called dispatch to relay Anderson's description and location.

Authorities report that the bank employee was going through their opening procedure when Anderson approached them with a handgun. They were able to lock the door and immediately call police with a description of the suspect. Lt. Gwen Smith, with the LPD, says several witnesses were instrumental in Anderson's capture as they relayed his location and new clothing descriptions when they saw him changing and abandoning several items of evidence. It's not the first time alert citizens have helped the LPD keep Laramie safe.

Anderson was taken into custody at 7:53 a.m. according to the LPD, who received assistance from the Albany County Sheriff's Office and the University of Wyoming Police Department during the quick response and subsequent resolution to the incident. The LPD report they are continuing the investigation in coordination with the FBI.

Officials say Anderson faces potential charges of Aggravated Robbery and Kidnapping. Aggravated Robbery is a felony punishable by imprisonment between five and 25 years and Kidnapping is a felony punishable by imprisonment up to 20 years.

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