A Colorado flight training business has moved its operations to Laramie, Wyoming.

NorthEast Planes Aviation, Inc. acquired a facility at the Laramie Regional Airport where they are opening a private aviation college.

The syllabus will be exclusively aviation classes to complete the requirements for the issuance of an Associate degree in Aviation Science. A fast track program without a degree component will also be offered. NorthEast Planes Aviation says that housing is available and job placement after completion will be provided.

The company will also open an aircraft maintenance division intended to maintain the college’s fleet of aircraft and be open to the public. This will enable the development of an Airframe & Powerplant maintenance training program over the next few months.

An air taxi charter operation is also planned for the near future that will be a separate operating division and employ some of the pilots graduating from the training program.

As the company settles into its new Wyoming home, they say they are looking for a flight Instructor, aircraft mechanic and administrative assistant.

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