The City of Laramie's Department of Parks & Recreation will begin applying the first aerial applications of Bacillus thuringensis israelensis (Bti) on the morning of Thursday, May 24th. The city says that this application of biological larvacide is targeted to control nuisance mosquito larvae in irrigated areas and floodwater southwest and northwest of Laramie.

Initial areas to be treated are the acreages along the Big Laramie River from the City limits near Cottonwood estates to approximately three miles southwest of Laramie. Additionally acreages north of Curtis Street between Welsh Lane and US Hwy 30 (North 3rd Street) approximately two miles north of Laramie will be sprayed.

          According to the city, the bacteria applied are environmentally friendly and does not harm fish, amphibians, mammals or other aquatic insects. The application is scheduled to begin at daylight on the 24th and should conclude by twelve noon. In case of inclement weather, which would prohibit the application, we are told that it will be re-scheduled for the morning of Friday, May 25th at the same time. No application will be made within the City limits. Presently no cases of West Nile virus have been confirmed in Albany County and the City of Laramie currently rates the risk of infection at level 1 (Remote Risk).

          Mosquito control application schedules will be available daily on the Mosquito Control and Integrated Pest Management Hotline at 721-5056. The Hotline is updated daily at 4:00 p.m. and will also list any chemical application made by Parks Division crews. For further information you can contact Keith Wardlaw, Mosquito Control Crew Supervisor at 721-5258 or Mike Zook, Parks Manager at 721-5264.

If you do not desire to have these chemical applied around your property throughout the summer, the City of Laramie does have a "No Spray" program in place. You can view the application on the city's website to particpate.

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