More relief is coming soon from those pesky, buzzing pests. No, not the in-laws, but mosquitos. The City of Laramie mosquito control will be spraying for the biting, disease-carrying insects. The aerial application of Dibrom is scheduled for Wednesday, June 28, starting at 7 p.m. 

City of Laramie/Todd Feezer
City of Laramie/Todd Feezer

The City press release states the application is “targeted to control both nuisance and vector mosquitoes, including Culex tarsalis, which can transmit West Nile virus (WNV). Currently, we have low vector mosquito numbers in city limits but are increasing in rural areas.” 

The aerial application will be conducted during the evening hours to coordinate with the peak of mosquito activity and to reduce the likelihood of contact with work and recreational activities. The insecticide will be applied at the recommended ultra-low-volume rate of ½ ounce per acre. 

Three areas of Laramie are scheduled for treatment: 

Southwest of the city limits along Highway 230, and the Big Laramie River drainage from the City limits southwest approximately 10 miles; 

West of the city limit between the Big Laramie River on the South, Interstate 80 on the north, and the Laramie Regional Airport on the west; 

North of the city limit between Welsh Lane and 45th Street, including the area of the city wastewater treatment plant and the city landfill.  

The City has not tested for WNV as of yet; last year, 41 mosquito pools were tested for the disease, and only one pool yielded a positive result. 

Further information regarding mosquito control, weed control, schedules of applications, and other pest and chemical application details can be found on the City of Laramie’s website.

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