A Casper man was arrested Thursday after allegedly stalking a woman and damaging her car with a sledgehammer in the three days prior.

Jeryell Brigance, 28, was booked into jail on recommended charges of stalking and property destruction and defacement.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, a detective was notified Thursday morning of multiple cases involving Brigance and the victim. A police officer had requested charges against Brigance after he allegedly went into the victim's apartment and strangled her at roughly 2:30 a.m. Monday morning.

On Tuesday, the victim called police and reported that Brigance had sent her threatening messages. An officer told her to document all the messages and block Brigance.

Then, on Wednesday afternoon, the victim called police and reported that she had been hiding at a friend's house until she felt safe. She believed that Brigance had no idea where the friend lived.

However, at 5 a.m. that day, she had received a text message from Brigance which said, "You left the garage door open." The homeowner had in fact left the garage door partially open, so the victim became fearful that Brigance had ascertained her location.

The victim was advised to check her phone and vehicle for tracking devices. The victim told police that Brigance had called her phone 11 times, but she did not answer.

Also on Wednesday, the victim said that her new boyfriend had received text messages from Brigance, which said, "You won't be able to keep her safe," "Coward," "I will see you," "This isn't just an ex," and "This is my life and only life can pay for life be it in prison or in the grave real talk."

While on the phone with the victim, an officer was told that Brigance had shown up and smashed her car.

Officers responded to the victim's workplace and investigated. After speaking to witnesses, police determined that Brigance had shown up and hit the victim's car with a sledgehammer.

Shortly after 7:45 a.m. Thursday, the victim called police and reported that Brigance was "circling the block" in a brown Chevrolet Silverado after threatening her. An officer responded, contacted Brigance and told him that he was stalking the victim. The officer told Brigance that he needed to stop and go home.

Another call showed that Evansville police were to locate Brigance for the strangulation incident that occurred early Monday.

Brigance was brought in and interviewed by a police detective at roughly 10:30 a.m. Thursday. In regard to the car damage, Brigance reportedly said, "I'm not going to say I did."

Brigance allegedly admitted that he had sent messages to the victim's new boyfriend. He was arrested.

As of Thursday, the victim had obtained a protection order against Brigance.

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