How can the city justify cutting the police force? It would seem to me that the city should rethink how they spend their money. For example, we have miles and miles of bike trail to maintain and yet Laramie can't fix a pothole! Naturally, the solution must be to cut a needed police job so we can continue to enjoy that bike trail!


"Over the course of many months, city staff worked to prepare a budget recommendation to the City Council for fiscal years 2017 and 2018. In the current economic downturn, state revenue and revenue shared by the state to local governments is significantly reduced from previous years. Balancing public safety services, infrastructure improvement, quality of life amenities and general operations are areas given thorough and careful review during budget preparation.

The City Council's consideration of the recommended budget is thoughtful as well. Multiple budget meetings were held to consider all aspects of the budget. Special council meetings, including public hearings, were held to review and modify the budget as needed prior to adoption on June 14, 2016. Balancing the budget for the biennium included a number of reductions that affected all departments and divisions. The final budget adopted included input from City Council, City of Laramie staff, and the community."

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