Every bride deserves a night that celebrates her transition into the next phase of life. That night should be fun, memorable, meaningful and most of all, worry-free because she didn't plan it...after all, I am talking about the bachelorette party!

If you happen to be the maid of honor or a bridesmaid planning the hen party, it can be a great experience for you, too. Read on for my best suggestions for a bachelorette party in Laramie. If you happen to be the best man or groomsmen, you can find the best places in Laramie for a bachelor party here.

Girls at a bachelorette party on Lake Minnetonka

So how do throw a great bachelorette party? Well, the best one I've been a part of took place in Minnesota last summer and the same things which made that party a success will ensure any bachelorette party is a success. We had dinner and opened gifts in the party room an apartment complex, then hopped on a boat and tooled around to restaurants and bars on Lake Minnetonka. It was seriously one of the best nights I've ever had with those friends. Don't we look like we're having fun? And we're not sloshed yet? Rhetorical question.

By far, the biggest key to this party was that we asked the bride-to-be what she wanted. I've been to bachelorette parties where you can tell the bride is not having a good time and when she doesn't have fun, no one does. This particular bride loves being on a lake, so we put her on a lake. Even if it's something you don't think you'd enjoy, you'll find that everyone loves to see a happy bride, so make her happy.

Through the list below you'll find my best suggestions for pulling off five different kinds of bachelorette parties in Laramie. This way you can tailor to what the bride wants. Now, I have not included a cowgirl party because you can pull that off basically anywhere in town. For many of these parties, you may want to start at someone's home or find a meeting place to start the evening and then move on to these locations.

Classy Party at The Cav at Fort Sanders

Location: 4425 S. 3rd St.
Cost: signature cocktails start at $8, desserts start at $6 and it goes up from there!

The Cav at Fort Sanders

Whether you head to The Cav for a steak dinner or simply drinks and dessert, it's the place for everyone to show off their cute dresses and killer heels. You can reserve a party room which will comfortably seat up to 25 people. The room is booked fairly regularly, so it's best to reserve it at least two weeks in advance. The bar will stay open late for groups and will mix special cocktails for you. If you want to do dinner, the chef will work with you on a menu in advance so you can be sure to give people options within a budget.

Penis Party (yep, I said it!) at the Old Buckhorn Bar and Parlor

Location: 114 E. Ivinson St.
Cost: as much or little as you want

Buckhorn Bar

For people who are not aware, a penis party is a bachelorette party in which everything is in the shape of a penis. I went to one party with penis-shaped straws where the bride-to-be wore penis-shaped earrings and had a big penis-shaped lollipop to enjoy. If this is the crazy night the bride is looking for, the Buckhorn is where you need to take your party. They have an animal's rear end mounted on the wall, so they won't even bat an eye at your candy penis necklaces. They play hip hop music so you can do plenty of dirty dancing and the chances to be absurdly indecent are endless.

Camping Party at Vedauwoo

Rocks at Vedauwo

Location: 18 miles east of Laramie in Medicine Bow National Forest
Cost: $10 for a campsite

This party is ideal if you have underage attendees and/or want the party to be an overnight. There are plenty of great camping places close to Laramie, but Vedauwoo is by far the most scenic. Also if you do decide to camp overnight, you don't have to worry about getting designated drivers because everyone is already at the final location. Don't be afraid to ask to borrow supplies from family or friends involved in the wedding. People tend to be very obliging around happy occasions. Gather around the fire and let the good times begin!

Spa Party at The Laramie Medical Spa

Location: 3125 E. Grand Ave., Suite B
Cost: $200-$320

Laramie Medical Spa lobby

I realize the word 'medical' may not seem bridal, but the Laramie Medical Spa has hands down the best package for a spa party. It's a great way to rejuvenate just before the big event. They can take a group of up to 10 people and everyone gets a mini facial, a hand and foot treatment, a mini massage, refreshments and a gift bag. You do have to schedule six weeks in advance, but you can schedule an evening session so attendees can arrive after work. They will also let you bring your own treats to be enjoyed in the main lobby area where the group will spend most of its time. Plus they offer a 20% discount on all skincare products purchased the day of the event and a 20% discount for future spa services booked the day of the event.

Posh Private Party with 2 Bazaar

Location: Downtown Laramie
Cost: $300+

Hart's Alley upstairs

The owners of 2 Bazaar, Sean and Dolores Hart, have three places in their two historic buildings downtown which can be rented for private parties. The slogan on their website reads, "Bringing you a world of elegance and whimsy" which can be perfect for a bachelorette party. The Mona Lisa Ballroom can seat up to 80 people and has a small stage and disco ball. The top level above Hart's Alley (pictured) was recently remodeled, can host up to 30 people and features a plush cinema room and whirlpool. Below Hart's Alley is a smaller space that can entertain up to 10 people and includes a sauna and steam room as well as a sound and movie system. Add in the fact that you are already in downtown Laramie and the price to rent out one of these spaces for the evening is completely worth it.

Just because I want your bachelorette party to be a rocking good time, here are some other keys to the great Minnesota bachelorette party, starting with the fact the whole bridal party pitched in with the planning and preparation so no one felt overwhelmed during an already busy week. For dinner we all brought different parts of the meal to help keep the cost down and it was a bonus that the party room was free for our use since the maid of honor lived there.

Also we got extra help from the bride's family. The boat belonged to her uncles who became our designated boat drivers throughout the evening, which meant everyone got to have a good time. If you know the bride had a fun aunt or uncle when they were little, this is their time to shine. In my experience they will be thrilled to get to participate in more of the celebration and end up being entertaining beyond your wildest dreams because they've known the bride for so long. If you can't find designated drivers, you can always call SafeRide at 766-RIDE (7433).

In addition, the party was not the night before the wedding, so the bride was able to relax because she didn't have to think about everything that was about to happen the next day. This party was two nights before the wedding which put it on a Thursday. The time at the party room was great for people who had to work the next day and then the group was whittled down to a more intimate group of friends who then went nuts on a boat. It was fantastic.

Lastly I will add that for all involved in the planning of that party, it was not our first time putting together such an event. We had a feel for what would work and would flop. Don't be afraid to ask for advice if this is your first go around. If you're on your own without a lot of money, don't feel pressure to extend beyond your reach, the best bachelorette parties simply provide quality time for the bride-to-be to spend with the people closest to her. Provide that opportunity and everyone will have a grand time!

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