Some photographers just don't have their priorities straight.

Here he was hired to take pictures of the wedding taking place in Glacier National Park, Montana.

But then some bear comes along and kills a moose right in front of everyone.

So what does the stupid photographer do?

Forget the bride, he wants pictures and video of the moose being killed by a bear.

I bet the bride was really REALLY mad.

I mean, what's a gal have to do to get a little attention around here?

That photographer needs to be fired.

If that wasn't bad enough, then the entire congregation turns to watch the "grizzly" event.

See what I did there?

A grizzly was doing something grizzly and... neverminded.

THEN - the minister stops talking and turns to look.

At this point, nobody is watching the bride.

Her day is ruined.

Just who the hell decided to have this wedding outside?

Oh, right, it was the bride's idea.

At the reception, everybody will be talking about the bear killing the moose right in front of them and nobody will be talking about how pretty the bride is.

More people are going to ask the photographer for photos of the bear killing the moose than for pictures of the actual wedding.

As people watch videos of the wedding they will be asking, "So when does the bear attack and kill that moose?"

On their 50th wedding anniversary, people will still be talking about the bear that killed the moose during the wedding and not the wedding.

If the bride asks for a do-over and they have the wedding at another time and place, everybody will be saying, "YEAH because the last time they tried this a bear killed a moose right in front of everyone."

attachment-WUW sticker

This poor bride just can't win.

Why could the bear have not waited until the buffet was open like everyone else?

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