Your Question:

Why is south Adams street in west Laramie a 30mph zone? I got a ticket there a week ago because I didn't see the sign and expected a divided road to be 40 MPH.

The City's Response:

The typical speed limit within the City of Laramie is 30 mph.  On Adams Street, there is a 30 mph speed limit sign on the southbound lane visible as a driver turns off of Snowy Range Road (Highway 130).  For a driver going northbound from the residential section, there is a 30 mph speed limit sign immediately ahead of the center median/boulevard street section.  Adams Street is posted 30 mph.  A center median has no effect on speed limits, according to rules and regulations establishing speed limits in the community.

 The City of Laramie Traffic Commission has a procedure to evaluate requests for adjusting speed limits within the City's jurisdiction boundary.  Information about Traffic Commission can be found on the City's web site.

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