The City of Laramie will be hosting a tree sale on June 11, 2016 to celebrate Arbor Day. The sale will take place from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. or until all trees are sold. The sale will take place in the Ice and Events Center.

There will be 15 different species of trees available for purchase. Shrubs will not be available for purchase. To find out more about the different species of trees being sold, please call City Arborist Randy 307-721-5338 or click here.

The trees will be in containers, weighing roughly 50-100 pounds each. Some trees will be 8-12 feet tall.

The tree sale is open to city residents, and there will be a one tree limit per household. Households interested in purchasing more than one tree will need to put their names on a list to be contacted about unsold trees.

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