With the flu season upon us, the Albany County Public Health Office has announced that they still have flu vaccines available.

LaJune Bacon, nurse manager for Albany County Public Health, says that despite some places being out, they still have doses to distribute.  "There are places that are out the vaccine," Bacon says.  "We are fortunate enough to some doses left and we feel that now is an opportune time to get a flu shot."

The CDC Centers for Disease Control have upgraded Wyoming's flu status as being "widespread," up from a status of "local" or "regional spread of influenza.

Flu shots will be available from Albany County Public Health on a walk-in or appointment basis, at a cost of $25 cash or check.  Bacon went on to say that they can also bill medicare or medicaid for the service.

Bacon explained that some people can get mild flu-like symptoms after being vaccinated, but that these cases are few and have much less impact than an actual case of the flu.  Despite some urban legends to the contrary, Bacon assures that there is no live flu virus.  "The time that people get a flu vaccine is when there a lot of cold viruses and things are circulating.  Some people think the flu vaccine causes the flu.  It does not."

The Albany County Public Health Office is located 609 S. 2nd St. in Laramie and is open from  7:30 until Noon and 1:00 until 4:30.  Bacon says that people should expect a flu vaccination to take about 10 minutes.

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