State Health Officer Dr. Alexia Harrist says this year's flu season may be a bad one.

Due to COVID-19 measures, the flu had basically vanished, but Harrist says "there are indications that may not be the case again."

“Unfortunately, we may be back to normal with flu," she said. "We expect influenza will circulate in addition to COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses in the coming months."

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Harrist says flu shots and COVID-19 vaccines and boosters continue to be the best way to reduce the risk of getting sick and spreading it to others, and notes that it is safe to get the shots at the same time.

"We recommend flu shots for everyone six months of age and older (and) that people stay up to date on their COVID-19 vaccine protection," she said.

"While we continue to move along past the earlier, emergency stages of the pandemic, COVID-19 remains a concern, especially for our residents who are more vulnerable to its effects," she added.

Because it takes about two weeks for a flu shot to become effective, Harrist says "the best strategy is to get your flu shot before people around you are ill."

Flu shots are available in many locations, including local public health nursing offices, workplaces, doctors’ offices, pharmacies, and retail stores, and are covered by most insurance plans.

In addition, Wyoming’s public vaccine programs, which are available at participating providers, help protect some adults and children from vaccine-preventable diseases, such as the flu, at little to no cost.

COVID-19 vaccine doses are available in many of the same locations and currently remain available at no cost.

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