There is currently a national outbreak of a highly contagious avian influenza, AKA there's bird flu going around. The good news is the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is monitoring the situation for Wyoming's wild birds. 

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The virus has been causing mass fatalities of both wild and domestic birds throughout the country, including some states close to our own, with outbreaks occurring in South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas. 

Though the virus has not been found in Wyoming as of yet, Game and Fish are asking the public to keep their eyes out for any groups of dead birds, as this is a legitimate threat both to state wildlife and personal domestic animals. 

As the weather is warming up, keep an eye out for clusters of three or more dead birds, particularly waterfowl like ducks and geese. They also ask that you report any raptors (hawks, owls, etc.) or scavengers birds like crows or ravens, that are exhibiting signs of neurological issues. Additionally, notify the Game and Fish of any birds found dead for no obvious reason. 

If you run across any of the birds mentioned above, reach out to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. 

More On the Virus

The virus, known as HPAI, is a zoonotic disease that is carried by wild birds and can infect both humans and domestic birds. Birds carrying the disease may not appear to be sick and transmit it when migrating to new areas, where they could pass it on to domestic birds. 

Game and Fish is advising that the public not touch any dead birds. 

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