Albany County School District #1 sent a survey to staff in early January in order to assess sentiment surrounding issues related to COVID. Staff was also asked about district resources, support, and workload.

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Results from the survey revealed three major findings:

  • most ACSD#1 staff somewhat or strongly agree that they feel a sense of personal accomplishment by working in the district (74%),
  • a majority of staff somewhat or strongly agree that they have what they need to be successful (66%)
  • district staff’s view on how safe they feel given the board’s recommended masking protocol is split down the middle (46% vs. 47% with 7% feeling neutral)

There were more than 320 responses out of approximately 900 staff members, all of whom received the survey in their ACSD#1 email account.

The first question asked respondents how they are feeling, with the follow-up question asking respondents what was contributing to their feelings. The most common answers for positive feelings were working with great students, having masks be optional, and great co-workers. The most common answers for negative feelings were the COVID-19 pandemic and associated issues, being overwhelmed by the workload, and general uncertainty about the future.

Along with this, about 75.5% of respondents at least “somewhat agree” that they understand the current CDC guidelines and five-day quarantine standard, with there being a near-perfect split regarding the board policy of masks being “strongly recommended.”

You can find the full survey here. 

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