The group known as Albany County for Proper Policing, or ACoPP, along with the ACLU of Wyoming, has submitted an official request for a public space viewing of the recording captured during the fatal police shooting of Robbie Ramirez on November 4th.

The two groups request 'the right of inspection be granted in a manner consistent with or identical to the viewing offered to select media outlets on Tuesday, November 13, 2018.'

The request calls for more than just viewing the body camera recording. It also calls for a copy of policies related to officer training, disciplinary policies, use of body cameras, and hiring, as well as a copies of press notices. The groups want the names of each press service notified of the press conference viewing on November 13th, along with any and all correspondence, including the Albany County and Prosecuting Attorney and employees of the Albany County Sheriff’s office, in relation to the decision to allow the press viewing.

Additionally, the request states that if the release is denied, ACoPP and the ACLU want a written document describing the legal authority to deny.

In a video interview on November 16th with Laramie Live, Albany County and Prosecuting Attorney Peggy Trent detailed the legal reasons for her decision to release the footage in the manner she did. She also stated that she would not be releasing anymore footage or personnel records until the completion of the investigation.

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