In an interview with Laramie Live, Albany County Attorney Peggy Trent said she will not release the body camera footage in its entirety from the officer involved shooting in Laramie until the investigation is complete. She says she expects it to conclude the first week of December.

The incident occurred on November 4th after Deputy Derek Colling stopped Robbie Ramirez in Laramie. Ramirez ran from the scene and an altercation occurred, which ended with Ramirez being shot and killed by the officer.

On November 13th, the Attorney's office walked journalists through clips of body camera footage. In response, a group of concerned citizens known as Albany County for Proper Policing, or ACoPP, filed a petition to have the entire video released to the public. The group also requested the full personnel file on deputy Colling after reports showed a checkered past for the officer. Attorney Trent is looking to deny both requests.

When asked about whether or not the entire video will be released, Attorney Trent said, "I am not doing that until the investigation is done."

Regarding the clips that have been shown, Trent said she felt she was being transparent and pointed out that "the only thing missing is the person actually being shot."

"...I've seen it on social media. It is accurate," Trent said.

Trent also addresses the public records act revisions from 2017 that give her the authority to deny these requests.

She said, "It never said in the Open Records Act how I'm to release it, or what I'm to do. And so I am denying, if you will, the release of the actual video right now, but I'm giving access to it for viewing, which I did in a press conference." She added, "I know because of the anger and grieving they're wanting it to get out more of the shooting itself, but I think if you take a look at channel, the various news outlets, its very, it shows a lot."

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