The Jordan World Circus, a traveling group out of Las Vegas, is heading to perform at the the Laramie Ice & Events Center on Wednesday, May 9th. The Circus will present two shows, one at 4:30PM and the other at 7:30PM. The two hour event promises to be full of fun and action that everyone can enjoy and best of all the Circus is offering a free children's admission with each adult ticket purchased; just print this coupon to take advantage of the offer. While neither the circus' website or any of the information we received on the event mentioned the cost of adult tickets, they seem to be charging around $20 at other venues so we assume that will be the case in Laramie as well.
The Jordan World Circus has a series of acts that they perform, although their website mentions that the acts rotate based on the location of the performance. Here is a video preview from the circus and a description of each act so that you know what to expect.

Jordan World Circus Acts

Well Balanced Man

Deiter Galambos is a man known for his unique special balancing skills. He is a second generation circus performer who began his performing career at the age of four performing feats of skill in hand balancing acrobatics. He is a devoted and dedicated performer that strives to perfect his performing skills with ever new and more difficult routines.He has traveled extensively throughout North America and abroad performing his own style of dynamic acrobatics and balance. On the balance chairs he has no equal. While performing this act you can hear a pin drop as the audience waits in excited anticipation. How high will he go? Will the chairs tip? Will he fall? The audience waits in total concentration. This is the best in circus arts.Dieter has also performed as a part of the Legendary Great Wallendas act performing the renowned seven person pyramid. Now that is balance of the best kind. Come to the Jordan World Circus and see him, a man whose balance is legendary.

Wild West Bears Wiz In

From deep in the heart of the wilds of the rough and tumble Texas plains where country men were strong and the drinks even stronger, come our furry friends from Dallas, the Steeple's and their family of merry bruins known to young and old alike as the 'Wild West Bears.' For it is much love and care that papa bear Ari Steeples lavishes on his charges.

He is a third generation bear trainer and the bears he currently presents have all been raised from cubs of bears that worked with his clan in past years. Therefore, having raised these bears in the family, so to speak, he looks on them as his 'children' and treats them as such. He and his wife Lana use soft training methods, mixed with a large measure of respect and affection (not to mention industrial size amounts of jelly beans) to encourage his young bruins to precisely perform with perfection.

These bandana wearing charges go through their routine with true western wonder. Among other feats, the bears push stage coaches, walk on wagon wheels, and jump through fire. Although their tricks amaze and amuse the audience, the Steeples Bear's real mission is to inform and educate the capabilities of these mammoth brown mammals. Though lumbering and slow in appearance, they actually have much agility and often can run very fast, if need be and are very powerful. Because Ari's bears have been hand raised from cubs, the mutual respect from trainer to bear is very evident in every move they make.

Aerial Artistry Loft

Aerial Artistry Aloft The Marinof Duo will leave you "Riveted to Your Seats" as you thrill in disbelief at the daredevil artistry performed high above your heads. Watch closely as Giorgio holds himself and Lusia only by his teeth as they perform intricate gymnastic tricks.

Giorgio and Lusia Marinof are originally from Bucharest, Romania. They received their initial training in the Romanian Circus, met there and developed their award winning aerial act. After winning the Monte Carlo competition, they cam to America and have been thrilling audiences ever since.

The Marinofs have created their own routines and feats such as back plunges and layouts performed while hanging only by their teeth or toes. This has made them the most highly praised aerial attraction in circus today. They have competed in the coveted Golden Medal Award in Monte Carlo: have toured with Ringling Brothers & Bailey Circus. Their act, performed high above the circus ring, combines strength, daring and artistry in a performance that leaves no doubt as to why they are award winners.

The Toscano Troupe

The Toscano Troupe is by far the most exciting high wire group from South America to be appearing in the circus world today. They perform with amazing dexterity and balance on a wire that is one half an inch in diameter! They somersault, do headstands and jump rope on this single wire. The highlight of this performance is the remarkable seven people pyramid formation high atop the arena floor