The headline of this story might as well be the theme for I-80 between Laramie & Cheyenne for most of winter! While it has been nice most of the day in Laramie, it has been a wintry mess up on the summit. Someone driving over to Laramie today described it as driving in pea soup! Looking at the current weather radar it appears that there is no end in sight to the snow for now, so hopefully you don't have big plans for the day tomorrow! Right now the forecast is calling for snow through mid morning on Wednesday so it might be a while before roads re-open. Heavy snowfall is also closing in on Elk Mountain so its closure later tonight looks probable as well as US-287. For the latest check out our weather and road conditions pages.

UPDATE 8:30 AM: I-80 remains closed east towards Cheyenne, but US-287 and I-80 West towards Rawlins are open.