Is it legal to use lethal traps within city limits? I am plagued by rabbits, and the non lethal methods don't seem to be working.


"Per city ordinance, kill traps can only be used on wildlife. Live traps can be used with domestic animals and wildlife within city limits. Wyoming Game and Fish has regulations regarding the trapping of wildlife and license requirements that would have to be followed, Cottontail rabbits are considered a small game animal by the Game and Fish department and therefore subject to license and limits. In city limits, it would be hard to prevent dogs, cats, or children from accessing the traps and the trapper could be cited for cruelty if they killed or maimed any domestic animals. The traps would have to be set on private property with the permission of the property owner. The Laramie Animal Shelter would prefer utilization of exclusion methods, live trapping, or learning to live with the wildlife.

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