For being a small town, Laramie has no shortage of Pawn Shops, Flea Markets and other types of thrift stores. Perhaps this is because Laramie is a college town and quick cash can be very appealing. Each Laramie thrift store seems to fill its small niche, and if you are looking to save some money or find some treasures they can be great places to visit. Even though many times it can be hard to find specific items, it is the feeling of finding just what you were looking for at a bargain that makes thrift store shopping fun. You actually might be surprised by the quality of items you can find as well. Here are our thrift store recommendations.

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    The Salvation Army Thrift Store

    100 South 2nd Street, Laramie, WY - (307) 742-5414

    The Salvation Army Thrift Store in downtown Laramie has a wide range of used products from clothing to electronics. The store is somewhat small and dark, but they do have quite a bit of inventory in a confined space. You can also make donations behind the store if you have items you would like to drop off. The great thing about The Salvation Army of course is that proceeds go to some great causes which is a great reason to donate or shop in the store.

    (Photo by Adam Porter)
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    NU2U (New To You)

    116 East Custer Street, Laramie, WY - (307) 721-3070

    NU2U, also located in downtown Laramie, is the place to go if you are looking for a wide selection of used clothing. While NU2U does carry some other items like furniture, men's and women's clothing seems to be their specialty. Most of their inventory is well organized by size, and the selection is of decent quality as well.

    (Photo by Adam Porter)
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    Ann's Pawn Shop

    1005 South 3rd Street, Laramie, WY - (307) 742-2994

    Ann's Pawn Shop on South 3rd Street is very nicely organized for a thrift store, and you won't feel bombarded by merchandise. The store has a separate building that holds their selection of furniture although when I have been there in the past they don't necessarily have much inventory on the furniture end of things. In their main building you will find items that are more modern unlike some thrift stores such as DVDs, stereos, flat screen TV's, guns, etc... In the past they have also had items like bikes and lawn mowers outside as well.

    (Photo by Adam Porter)
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    Mimi's Consignment & Resale Store

    158 North 2nd Street, Laramie, WY - (307) 745-3676

    Mimi's Consignment and Resale Store is another great downtown Laramie destination. Women this is the thrift store for you! The store by far has the nicest atmosphere of any Laramie thrift store, and they are selective about the merchandise they take into the store. This means their items are of a higher quality. They have a good selection of women's clothing and accessories such as shirts, pants, dresses, purses, jewelry, shoes, etc... There are also some home accent and decorative pieces for the home inside Mimi's consignment store.

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    Bart's Flea Market

    2401 Soldier Springs Road, Laramie, WY - (307) 745-2036

    We have saved the biggest thrift store in town for #1, Bart's Flea Market. Bart's is just South of town after you pass under I-80 on 3rd street headed towards Fort Collins, CO. The flea market is divided into booths with a large number of different sellers in the store. There is a massive amount of inventory in this store and it is the first place in town to look for most things except clothing; there is some but not a lot. The whole back of the store is dedicated to large items like furniture and appliances while the front half contains smaller merchandise like antiques. There is too much here to really even describe but the store is a fun place to look around in. I found some great slate end tables in the store one time that were in great shape and were very modern looking as well. It will take you a while to look through the store because it is so large, but there is also a greater chance of finding what you are looking to buy.

    (Photo by Adam Porter)