We are delighted to announce that voting for our holiday lights photo contest is now open. We have had some awesome pictures submitted and have seen some decked out houses driving around town, so take your time choosing. For those pictures of houses in the contest we have also put together a pinned map in google mapsthat will guide you through the streets of Laramie with some of the best decorated homes in Laramie; most of them are pictured below. Many times it can be hard to do the lights justiced in a picture, so print out our mapand have a fun time driving around Laramie looking at everyone's Christmas lights. When you have picked your favorite pictures below start voting; the poll is set to let you vote once every 24 hours and voting ends at midnight on December 22nd; for details on our prizes look here. Let us keep you up to date on what is going on around Laramie in the new year by liking us on Facebook! We thank everyone for their submissions and hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season from all of us at Laramie Live!

[UPDATE 12/21] As many of you might have noticed over the past 48 hours, there have been some suspicious things going on in the voting numbers for our holiday photo contest. Rest assured that your concerns have not been taken lightly and that as of Monday evening further security measures were put in place to block any illegitimate votes. Throughout the past 36 hours an audit of the individual votes did occur to eliminate any votes cast in patterns consistent with voting by automated systems. As of this morning voting with the legitimate results of the contest will resume, although the two front-runners in the contest have been removed per their and our requests to eliminate any further problems from arising. Voting will still end as planned on the evening of December 22nd.

 One other issue that we do feel it is pertinent to address is the fact that not all of the pictures within the contest were of houses and some were more artsy in nature. In our initial announcement of the contest we clearly stated the following:

“from November 21st through December 12th we will encourage Laramie residents to submit a photo of their best holiday decorations using the form directly below. This doesn’t have to be a picture of your house; it could be your Christmas tree, a nativity scene, or a picture of your business. Anything holiday related goes, but you will want to make sure and submit a BIG picture so people can clearly see your decorations.”

There should be no hostility towards those entrants who submitted pictures that were not solely of their house with lights as they did nothing but follow our guidelines. If we felt that their pictures were outside of our specifications we never would have put them in the voting to begin with. They did absolutely nothing wrong!

 We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas  

Pay attention to the caption below each photo in the gallery above as it is the phrase used to identify the picture in the voting below!