As a parent we want our kids to be successful in life. We get them to school on time; we take them to soccer practice and maybe music lessons. We have invested a lot of time and effort with our children to become a star athlete or musician, where they learn valuable life lessons like, teamwork and discipline. Parents have not typically invested enough time or money in training their kids to be better learners.

For years, having to be tutored was seen as a child being "slow" or struggling in class with particular academics. In recent years the new tutoring programs are helping children hone their learning skills the same way a soccer camp improves their playing ability. This is where Tutoring Club of Laramie comes in.

"We see computers as useful tools for diagnosis and for compiling lesson plans based on that diagnosis. At that point we turn the individualized instruction over to a staff comprised of people who are either credentialed teachers or who hold advanced academic degrees. The focus is not on the tutor so much as the consistency and relevance of the individualized lesson plans applied to each child."

Tutoring Club in Laramie, WY offers a wide variety of programming for students starting at age 5 through adult year around. Summer courses are now being offered in Cheyenne, WY. This is a great opportunity for students to get ahead or caught up.

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