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I would  like to know if there are any plans on redoing Grand, 3rd, Harney, Spring Creek and several other streets that have horrible potholes. Just filling in the holes does not seem to be working very well. With the taxes that were passed I thought that that money was going to fix this problem. What is going on?

The City's Answer:

The City of Laramie is planning to reconstruct approximately 3-miles of roadway over the course of the next three years utilizing funding received primarily from the Specific Purpose Tax that was approved last June.  Several of the street segments are rated as collectors, including a portion of Harney Street; other locations for work will be selected from residential streets that have the lowest Pavement Condition Index (PCI) in the community.  Prior to reconstructing the driving surface and associated concrete, water lines will be replaced and sanitary sewers will be evaluated and replaced if needed.  Pothole crews will continue to be patch streets during spring and summer months throughout the city in an effort to provide the best possible driving surface that budget limitations will allow.

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