Your Question:

Why are the park bathrooms closed during the winter? There are still plenty of people recreating outside during the non-summer months, and we need access to bathrooms!

The City's Response:

The permanent restrooms in parks are not heated and would freeze if we had them open during the winter.

 The porta –potty at Washington is placed activated when the wading pool is open in the summer per the state pool regulations. The porta-potty at LaRamie Park soccer fields is activated in the spring, summer, and fall when soccer is being played. It is then pumped down and locked for the winter season.  The porta-potty at LaBonte near the community gardens on the north side of the park is placed from May – September for the gardeners and other park users. The Laramie Conservation District pays for all of the cleaning and dumping of this porta-potty.

The only porta-potty currently deployed year around is at the Greenbelt Trailhead.

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