Your Question:

Is it legal for a citizen to have a fire (campfire style) in their own backyard, if it is contained within a fire pit?

The City's Response:

The 2006 IFC Sect. 302 and 307.4.2  regulates recreational fires/open burning. This information is located at

Recreational Fire - An outdoor fire burning materials other than rubbish where the fuel being burned is not contained in an incinerator, outdoor fireplace, barbeque grill or barbeque pit and has a total fuel area of 3 feet or less in diameter and 2 feet or less in height for pleasure, religious, ceremonial, cooking, warmth or similar purposes. Recreational fires shall not be conducted within 25 feet of a structure or combustible material unless contained within an approved pit or appliance.

A permit is not required.  Questions can be directed to the City of Laramie Fire Marshall’s Office at 721-5330.

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