Your Question:

Why are there so many motor homes/travel trailers/campers parked in Residential neighborhoods? I was under the understanding that there was a city ordinance for that? It is very dangerous when you round a corner or back out of a driveway you can not see small children or other vehicles coming! Some people even have their pickups hooked up to them so it seems like they are using them which makes a even bigger hazard because not only do you have the travel trailer/camper there you also have the pickup.

The City's Response:

It is illegal to park a travel trailer, camper, RV, or trailer with an axle weight of over 500 pounds on any City street for a period longer than 24 hours.  The Laramie Police Department handles these calls on a complaint basis.  If a complaint is made about a specific trailer that is in violation of the ordinance, officers respond and place a warning sticker on all trailers in that area that are in violation.  If those trailers are not moved when officer check back at least 24 hours later, a parking citation is issued and placed on the trailer or camper.  If you have specific concerns or would like to make a complaint about any trailer you believe is in violation of this ordinance, please call the Dispatch Center at 721.2526 and make your complaint.  You may remain anonymous and you do not have to live adjacent to where the violation is occurring.

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