The fire danger in Yellowstone National Park has been lowered to "moderate" due to recent widespread precipitation, according to a news release from the park.

The announcement marked a significant shift since July when the park raised the fire danger to "high," and a month later when the park raised the fire danger to "very high,"

The Lone Star Fire is the last remaining active fire in the park, with isolated smoldering pockets of heat.

The park said there are no fire restrictions currently in place.

It only permits campfires within fire rings in campgrounds and at some backcountry campsites. Fires must be cold to the touch before abandoning. Practice: Soak, stir, feel, repeat until cold.

To stay informed about fire activity in Yellowstone, visit this park website.

"Moderate" fire danger means some wildfires may be expected with moderate flame length and rate of spread. Control is usually not difficult and light to moderate mop up can be expected, according to the National Park Service.

'Very high" fire danger means fires start easily from all causes and may spread faster than suppression resources can travel. Flame lengths will be long with high intensity, making control very difficult.

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