There are just under two months before the Season 5 Premier of Yellowstone drops on Paramount. Yeah, I know - can it just be November 13 already?

Yellowstone fever is hotter than ever, especially with the news of Harrison Ford's and Helen Mirren's spinoff '1923' set to premiere in December of this year.

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Now Yellowstone's fans can 'fan' (you see what I did there?) the flame of their love for the show by dressing like a #RealDutton. The collection of photos premiered in Country Life Magazine and feature new additions to the already existing Dutton Gear on Wrangler's website.

What's In the New Wrangler x Yellowstone Collection?

Country Living describes the latest collection as "thoughtfully designed to evoke the cowboy spirit in all of us and inspire wearers to embrace the western way of life."

The collection has more than just logoed t-shirts and hats. You can order Western classics like the button-snap long-sleeved shirt with Yellowstone-inspired embroidery featuring mountains and a bucking horse. Or, you can buy denim jackets with an embroidered Dutton Brand that pair perfectly with the Yellowstone twill workshirts in the collection. The photos also show loungewear shirts that look extra cozy!

So, when can you (and the rest of Wyoming) get your hands on the new Dutton memorabilia? Well, you won't be able to wear the Dutton duds for the season premiere. The new collection airs the same day as Season 5's premiere on November 13. Still, you can celebrate a return to the Dutton Ranch by ordering some of the new gear already sold by Wrangler. Check out the Yellowstone gear Wrangler has online:

Check Out the Clothes in the Wrangler x 'Yellowstone' Collection

Check out the available gear in the Wrangler x Yellowstone collection featuring the Dutton brand.

You can find the Wrangler x Yellowstone collection on

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