Gas prices in Wyoming are trending down for the first time in several months, according to and its survey of nearly 500 Wyoming gas stations. senior petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan says gas prices in Wyoming are now averaging near $3.46.

“Average prices across the state decreased about a half of a penny,” DeHaan said. “While that doesn’t sound like a whole lot, it’s perhaps more significant in the fact that the trend has reversed itself a little faster than I would have expected.”

DeHaan says motorists can expect either flat prices or, possibly, additional fractional declines this week.

“We’ve seen oil prices hold relatively constant, but more so, the switch-over to summer gasoline is complete, refineries are coming out of maintenance, and supply is beginning to increase slowly,” DeHaan said.

Gas is selling for $3.39 in Casper, $3.35 in Cheyenne and $3.37 in Laramie. The national average is $3.62.

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