Pain at the pump has reached record proportions in Wyoming. The Cowboy State had seen a massive jump in prices since the first week of May when a survey recorded prices skyrocketing upwards of 33.4 cents a gallon. For pickup truck drivers and SUV owners, the cost of gas and diesel is excruciating.

A new study by FinanceBuzz has found that Wyoming pickup truck and SUV owners are experiencing some of the worst cost constraints from gas prices in the nation. 

Wyoming Pickups Feel Pain At the Pump

The survey by FinanceBuzz analyzed the median monthly income of states, the average miles driven in the vehicle, and the cost of gas. When taken collectively, the results showed Wyoming as the second hardest-hit state when it came to gas prices for truck and SUV owners. The survey noted that truck owners in Wyoming are spending roughly 6.82% of their monthly income on fuel. Wyoming was only beaten by Alabama, where truck owners spend 7.71% of their monthly income on fuel.

Wyoming Gas Prices But All Drivers in a Crunch

The pressure of gas prices on Wyoming wallets hasn't let up since early May, with prices continuing to climb higher every day. Experts point to the Ukraine war, disrupted supply chain, and increased supply and demand as causes of the abrupt increases.

Today, AAA reports a national average of $4.596 as of May 23, 2022. The price is a smidge lower at $4.304 a gallon in Wyoming, but ouch, talk about sticker shock. Comparatively, the average cost of gas for Wyomingites in May of 2021 was about $3.00, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. AAA has reported decreases in crude oil prices as threats of a recession increase, but for now, Wyomingites continue to feel the pinch as more of their income goes towards fueling up their vehicles.

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