We've seen gas prices on the uptick, but for a while but not as much as what we're seeing in other spots around the country, as issues have continued overseas. However, believe it or not, the national average gas price is actually down from where it was last week, but Wyoming has certainly seen an increase.

The statewide average gas price in Wyoming is $4.09 per gallon. That price is up seven cents from just one week ago. A month ago, that average gas price was $3.43, so the upward trend in average price for the Cowboy State continues. The nationwide average is currently $4.24, which is down from $4.27 just a week ago. However, that is also up from $3.57 just one month ago. That's roughly about the same increase for the nationwide average as we have seen in Wyoming in a month's time.

With issues continuing overseas with the Russia invasion of Ukraine, it's looking like an increase in gas price may be an issue for everyone globally. While we think we're seeing high gas prices domestically, countries like Hong Kong have it way worse at $10.89 per gallon for their average gas price. In Finland, $9.20 per gallon, Germany is at $9.12 per gallon, Italy is paying $9.08, while Norway is at $8.83 per gallon.

As for the cheapest local prices, both Laramie County and Albany County remain as some of the cheapest in all of Wyoming. Laramie County's average gas price per gallon is at $3.97 while Albany Country is at $3.94 per gallon.

The Walmart on Livingston in Cheyenne currently has gas for $3.92 per gallon with the next lowest at King Soopers on Dell Range and Kum & Go on Ridge Road at $3.93 per gallon. In Laramie, Tumbleweed Express on Bluebird Ln is at $3.69 per gallon while the Conoco on Snowy Range Rd is at $3.79 per gallon.

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