There are very few unstoppable forces in the world, but I would argue that there is one in Afton, Wyoming. It's the cutter races and there's new video shared from this year's event proving that you might slow down Wyomingites and their traditions, but you'll never stop them.

Jeremy Steward shared a couple of videos from the cutter/chariot races in Afton recently. He dropped one on YouTube.

Jeremy also shared another slightly longer version on his Facebook page. Based on the time shown on the video, this happened in early March which makes sense with so much snow still on the ground.

It appears this was an event documented by the All American Cutter Races as shown on their Facebook page. Another organization worth following for cutter race info here in Wyoming is Star Valley.

Greater Yellowstone has some more background on the cutter races that used to happen annually near Jackson, too. The helmet cam is something you really need to experience.

Last year, we shared video of vintage cutter racing dating back to the 1950's. Yes, some events were slowed down by the pandemic, but it's not something that will ever completely be stopped. Or, at least that's our hope.

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